Drilling Fluids


FPS is one of the largest drilling fluids service providers and chemical suppliers in the Middle East, and offers cost effective mud engineering solutions for drilling complications like shale inhibition, abnormal pressure and temperature using both water and oil-based mud. FPS has also successfully engineered wells demanding the use of carefully balanced chemical formulations in order to control sub-surface pressures and to perform a variety of other essential down-hole functions. FPS has experience in drilling exploratory, appraisal and development wells, both vertical and horizontal. The company has wide experience in formulating drilling fluids for drilling complex geology with high H2S content and high temperatures. The result has been a rapid increase in the number of drilling contractors and operator company clients – with FPS having drilled more than 3000 wells in UAE.


FPS operates dedicated laboratory facilities, managed by qualified and experienced chemists, to carry out tests and analysis on well fluids and chemicals for operational and quality control purposes. These tests are performed both on the client's request and for quality assurance of chemicals. Laboratory work evaluates the behaviour of

chemicals and drilling fluid formulations under simulated ‘downhole’ conditions of temperature and pressure. Our chemists undertake R&D work to develop new products and formulations for field applications. The laboratories are also utilised to train new engineers.


FPS has a wide-ranging experience in a complete range of drilling fluids additives such as De-emulsifiers, De-oilers, H2S scavengers, Scale/Corrosion inhibitors, Oxygen scavengers, Biocides and Drag reducers for specific field and crude requirements. FPS also has tie-ups with many of the leading manufacturers of chemical for the oil & gas sector. FPS customises and supplies specialised oilfield chemicals for various operations, like drilling, completion services, maintenance and crude oil treatment

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