Completion Services

FPS has not only built up an impressive set of capabilities in Completion Services, but a formidable reputation as well. Completion Services and Material from FPS are designed to help operators meet the objectives of producing and processing hydrocarbons at the optimum cost, safety, and efficiency. Completion Material is collected at the facility, assembled, tested and transported to the rig site under the supervision of an experienced completion engineer.

FPS Completion Services include:

  • Assign experienced and qualified completion engineers
  • Supervise all types of completion
  • Provide technical support with full supervision by engineers at the rig for successful completing the wells

Some of the types of well completion that FPS can handle:

  • All types of completion for water injector wells
  • Dowel completion strings
  • High pressure and high temperature wells
  • Oil and gas wells

Completion materials that FPS can make available – directly or through our partners, include:

  • Side Pocket Mandrels
  • Gas Lift Valves
  • Packers
  • Low Pressure Wellhead

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